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Finnish person struggling to remember what they were about to say next

June 2014: revision test!

Hello there! I know I’m late (assuming that somebody cares), my bad! 

Of course I could tell you that I’ve been too busy to update my blog, but this girl is really bad at lying so, no excuses: I’ve been too busy being lazy! 

However, I’m still here posting the monthly recap of my life despite the laziness. So are you ready? Three, two, one…

First of all, it was time to deal with a bunch of bureaucratic things, which is an alternative way to say that I’ve been queuing endlessly almost everywhere. As I told my boyfriend some time ago: “If anybody asks me what do I like to do in my spare time, the answer will be: queuing”.
In any case it’s over now, and I can pat myself on the shoulder adding that I’m really pleased with Finnish administration!

What else then… Well, it’s summer in Finland! We had picnics and barbecues, thumbs up!

My lovely one had also a birthday, and it always makes me feel good taking care of this kind of things! You know: buying presents, baking, cooking, and being all like “happy birthday my sweety lovely sugary biri bu” *cough cough* yes, that’s me…

Moreover, we had a Skype call with my family in Italy (we will fly there in August, just saying) and it was incredibly funny to hear my boy and mum try to communicate without sharing a common language, since she doesn’t speak English (just some really basic stuff), and of course he doesn’t speak any Italian yet!

We’ve started to bring some furniture and personal stuff to the new flat. Nonetheless, the place is not ready to live in yet, it will take still one month more or less, and I’m so looking forward to move there!

Last but not least, there’s this Irish pub in Helsinki where I’ve been wanting to go for more than one year, and finally I had a beer in there! Yes it’s a small thing, but really appreciated!

Lastly, what can I say about my monthly lessons? 

Nothing new in all honesty, just a good and complete revision of what I’ve learned during the last six months, and it makes perfect sense if you think about it; we’re in the middle of the year after all!

So, the first half is gone and I couldn’t be any happier about it, time to let the second part begin and welcome July, show me your magic!


Finnish summer + good music = thank you life ♥ #alppipuisto #helsinki

Your electronic bitch says “hello there”, it’s summer in Finland! #electronicmusic #alppipuisto #rave #helsinki #finland #thatstrangethingcalledsun

Helsinki is: sea, nature, peacefulness and a BOMB #katajanokka #helsinki #suomi #finland
I texted my man to tell him I was sad. This is what happened one hour later! #sugarymoments metaphorically and literally speaking ♥ #thespoiledbitchIam #braceyourselfregretsarecoming


May 2014, aka: how to turn a life upside down in few days.

Unfortunately my renowned love for privacy prevents me from writing many details about an amazing thing happened during this month, but let me try to narrate the whole event without being too specific.

First of all: I had a problem, which was a kind of tiny little giant huge xxl problem. I allowed myself a couple of days of despair and then lifted my head up and started applying my positive thinking again. The technique - as some of you may already know - consists of focusing neither on the problem nor on the possible ways to get rid of it; I just tried to concentrate on the sensation of relief, carefreeness and serenity one gets right after solving a problem. And then it all happened so fast, so fast it took my breath away. I still remember the moment when I got that phone call, that moment when I was offered the solution on a silver tray, all shiny and so damn perfect in every single aspect. It was not just the solution to that blasted problem I had, it was also the solution to many other smaller issues that had to be solved in the future. It was so perfect I had to convince myself that it was really happening to me, and after that I cried out of gratitude. 

As I’ve already told you, I won’t give you any further infos about the whole story, I will just add that that perfect solution required a big turn in my life. Well, here we go, two weeks after the phone call I started a completely new life again, always in Helsinki, happier than before! 

So that was the biggest blessing of this month, but of course many other great things have happened, like: celebrating Vappu (which is one of my favourite festivities here. Finland goes totally crazy during that day!), taking part in the first housewarming party of my life, enjoying nightlife in Helsinki, going on a short trip to Tampere (I really like that city!) to take part in the third electronic music party of the year, celebrating a peaceful Aitienpäivä (mother’s day) at my boyfriend’s parents’ place, and he somehow managed to take me to the movies (everybody knows I hate watching movies) and I actually had fun (the movie was bad though, like “seriously wtf?”), then we went to two different graduation parties and suddenly this May 2014 was over.

And last but definitely not least, since it’s official and I cannot keep it to myself anymore: *BAM* (the sound wishes make when they come true) me and my boyfriend will move together in few weeks in our flat in Helsinki! Useless to say I’m in a hyper-state of wild-unbounded happiness for that, right? I will tell you more details about it in the end of June though! Stay tuned!

What a May guys, how many turning points, my life is changing so fast this year I still can’t believe it. But everything is changing for the better, and when your wishes materialize in front of your eyes out of nothing… Well, I can’t really complain about it, can I? ;)

And now it’s time to recap the lessons life has taught me during the last 31 days:

- It’s not more “me” and “him”, now it’s “us”.

- “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”

- Focus on solutions, not problems.

- A clear defined idea of the woman I want to be, the man I want to marry, and how I want to raise my children.

And yes, welcome June and all the blessings and lessons that are coming my way! <3



The best thing about being in a relationship with someone is doing cute stuff and then being able to fuck the shit out of them whenever you want

Tampere electronic nightlife: approved! #yo-talo #illuminight #tampere #electronicmusic #nightlife #finland #suomi #partyallnightlong #comebackhomeat7halfdead

Someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.

A super important message for you ♡ Warning: it may contain #positivity #cheerfulness and traces of #stupidity


Top Motivating Inspirational Picture Quotes: Engage your soul with some of the most inspirational quotes in history! # 3 is my Fav!

April 2014: the future is coming!

Hello people out there! As ever I’m here to tell you something about the past month and about the lessons I’ve learned.

If you use to read my blog probably you’ll remember when, in the last report about March, I came out with the sweetest scoop ever: my boyfriend. Now the question is, do you want more? Cause I have another piece of breaking news I crave to scream to the whole world: I’M OFFICIALLY A STUDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI.

During my “100 Days of Happiness” challenge I wrote a couple of times about me applying for a Master’s Degree programme there, and yes, in the end my application has been accepted!

Useless to describe how happy I feel about it. I mean, it’s the damn University of bloody Helsinki, it’s the city I utterly love and it’s my dream of being a teacher coming true, little by little. I just want to scream and scream and scream, drink some water, and resume screaming again. 

How fabulous a life can be? Follow your dreams dear readers, cause this feeling of victory, pride, and pure happiness is priceless. Don’t you really wanna taste it at some point?
Let me restate that, just in case is still not clear enough: THIS IS LIFE, your dreams are what you should be living for. Period.

Anyway, April 2014 was all in all a great month for many other aspects: we did many things together my sweetheart and me, as ever I visited new places, had fun, received the first flowers of my life (yep, no other boy has ever brought me flowers), had a binge of sushi, spent the best Easter ever, participated to the second electronic music party of the year and you know… I’ve been too busy being totally happy!

Last but not least, here are the lessons that April 2014 has taught me:

- The better it gets, the better it gets! 

- Always expect the best from every situation.

- “You have to drink yourself sober” (Finnish wisdom)

And now welcome May, this girl is so looking forward to live you all!


Ps. I should also say that the fourth season of Game of Thrones is finally out, which is another thing I call a “blessing” :P