Good morning world! Sometimes I need to be at the train station at 07:00 AM, but the sky is wonderfully pink and I’m a happy girl! #easytomakemehappy

Been waiting for this aaaallll year.

I ♥ October!

September 2014: the mistress and her kitchen!

Hello, hello, hello!
Yes guys, I’m perfectly in time with my monthly report. Can I have a standing ovation?
Anyway, please let’s not waste any time with useless introductions and let’s get to the point!

I have already told you about my first week in the University of Helsinki, as I have emphasized on how happy I am about everything. However, as promised, here some more details!

As you probably know (and if you don’t, shame on you :P), I’m studying for a Master’s Degree in Italian Philology, since my aim is to become a language teacher. The lectures concerning my main subject are really interesting and you have no clue of how many new things about my mother tongue I’ve learned during the last month. Anyway, besides my main subject I’ve subscribed to other amazing courses, such as pedagogical stuff, something about Language Technology, and a super gorgeous course about Finnish mythology (Kalevala) and the way it has inspired a bunch of Finnish musicians (I love almost half of the artists listed in the program, and guess what? Yes, HIM are included. HIM, my favourite band ever. It happens just in Finland!). Furthermore, I managed to get into the course of advanced Finnish, and I feel so proud of myself and the language skills I’ve been able to achieve with my self-studies and passion!
Last but not least, I’ve been taken on as a language assistant during Italian lessons for Finnish students. My tasks are to help the students with their exercises, answer their questions and have conversations about every kind of topic with them. This is not just a cool thing to do, it is also a precious way to get experience for my future job and to learn many new things myself.
All in all, it is clear that this girl is having a great time in the university, and as if that was not enough, life as a student in Finland is kinda easy. The amount of things and good services a student gets for free it’s huge, moreover everything suddenly becomes so cheap when you show your student card!

So yes, this is exactly how my life looks like now that I am a student! I’m pretty sure though, that you wanna hear something more from me, right? And believe it, I have something really big to tell you besides the university stuff!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy like really happy, to announce that my sweetheart and me finally moved together in the new house!
I love everything about our new place! True, there are still some works to do and the living room still has to be furnished; nevertheless life here with him is simply wonderful!
Wanna learn something more? I love the kitchen, is so spacious and ALL mine (after almost two years of sharing kitchens, you cannot understand the joy I feel in being the mistress!), our bedroom is super cosy and the current bed is the best one I’ve ever had in my whole life. The apartment is in Helsinki, in a great position with everything we need nearby, and the view from the kitchen, bedroom and balcony is lovely!

Alright, after this long report of yummy-yummy things happened during the past 30 days, it’s time to think about the lessons that this wonderful September 2014 has taught me:

- I have to be proud of myself and proud of everything I’ve achieved.
- There are people who love me and sincerely want the best for me.
- You cannot really make risotto with every kind of rice.

And now, welcome October! You’re my second favourite month of the year, especially because you start with my birthday! So let’s bring the cake in and I’ll be ready and glad to accept every gift you’ll make me!

Ps. remember to smile and be happy, always!


August 2014: pizzagirl in Pizzaland!

Hello world! Guess who’s late again? I’m sorry, but my life has been pretty hectic lately, and it doesn’t seem like getting any quieter.
However, I’m not complaining about that, I want my life to be exactly this way. I love being full of things to do, I love hauling my ass from one place to another the whole day (guess it counts as a kind of workout, doesn’t it? :P ) and I simply love spending my time all around the city!
Besides, this kind of life makes me enjoy and appreciate the calm even more, it makes me treasure the quiet time in the evening with my man even more, as well as the quick chat with people and friends.

And now, who wants to learn something about my August 2014?

First of all, as I have already written in my last report, we went to Italy (Milano) for 10 days. It was so lovely to see my family again and have… Well, can we call them “family moments”? As well as it was lovely to meet an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for ages.
Moreover, Mr. Boyfriend did a really good impression and everybody just loved him. But then again, how can somebody not love him?
We had all in all 10 days of neverending sauna (the weather was a hell), but apart from that everything else was simply great - and cheap, oh so cheap, I would gladly add!

And now some other big news: the university has officialy started, but I will tell you more about it in the next post about September (which hopefully will be published in time). Anyway, we had three days of the so-called “Welcome Fair”, and my start at the university was absolutely amazing.
The Campus is composed of many buildings which are all located, to my luck, in the centre of Helsinki (so when I have to run from Metsätalo to the Language Center, just to give you an example, I don’t have to run that much!). Both the staff and the teachers are super like really very nice, kind, efficient, fast and accurate with their answers.
The welcoming thing was really well organised, and in three days I got to know more students than I ever did in three years of studying in the University of Milan. So, clearly everything is going perfectly here!

I also want to add that, while ransacking my closets back in Italy, I’ve found two pairs of shoes and some cool clothes I didn’t remember to have. Well, that was a good and much appreciated surprise!

And now - really fast before we go buying the last things we need to have in the new house before moving there - here the lessons that this August 2014 has taught me:

- Happy belly, happy girl.

- Do not forget to be grateful.

- Remember the lessons learned.

- Ask and it is always given.

- Make the shit happen.

- I belong to Finland.

And now, welcome September, it’s just day number 11 and I’m already in love with you! 


I love coming in contact with people who’s positive energy you can literally feel.

"Look around less, imagine more."
 Esther Hicks (via yeshecholwa)


hi this is a quick reminder that you are important and beautiful and you deserve to be happy!!!

Yes I’m still here. I have MY tiny little spot at the harbour and I love everything about it ♥

July 2014: introvert power!

And from a sunny and unnaturaly hot Finland: hello there world!

July is over and our trip to Italy gets closer and closer (still few days to go). Anyway, may I be honest with you? I’m not in the best shape ever at the moment: my stomach is misbehaving and won’t let me neither eat nor sleep in peace. Bad stomach, so bad of you. Hell no, I don’t want to complain, let’s carry on.

Here I am as ever to list all the blessings and lessons this month brought in my life! - let’s make it short and fast cause I desperately need to lay down (yes yes, no complaining, no complaining).

I’ve been hanging aroung with friends, going for drinks and lunches and shopping. We’ve been to a big open air electronic music party in Alppipuisto (Helsinki) and both the music and the atmosphere were great!

My boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning and yes, nobody has never ever done anything like that for me. Lucky girl, sure I know that!  

I went to spend some quiet time alone in the big library in Rikhardinkatu and there I’ve found one of the best book I’ve ever read about introversion (yes guys, that’s what I am: an introvert). It made me understand so many things about myself and other introverted people in my life. Now I have a clear idea of why I do behave in certain ways and what can I do to cooperate with myself. Enlightening.

Are you an introvert? You should really read this book: “Introvert Power” (yes, as the title of my post says).

I participated in a Role Play game convention called Ropecon. I’m not into this kind of things but I had promised my man (which is particularly into this kind of things) to give it a try. You know, I honestly didn’t understand almost anything of what was happening around me, but still I saw lots of good looking costumes and watched few super fake wrestling matches, which were the funniest thing ever! 

And in conclusion, it’s time for the lessons I’ve been taught during this month of July (I swear my stomach is killing me):

- The word “should” is a good indication that somebody else’s standards are involved [Laurie Helgoe - Introvert Power]

- Try everything at least once.

- It’s ok to be in need of a break from people, and the human race should really start getting rid of the preconceived idea that “big parties are a lot of fun”.

- One year and 7 months in Finland and still I love it like I’ve never loved anything else before! (pay attention, I wrote “anything else” and not “anybody else”)

- Latin classes were not so useless after all!

And now here you are August! I can foresee a grumpy stomach getting better, a 10 days trip, two meetings with two of the best friends I’ve ever had and haven’t seen for awhile, and who knows… Whatever amazing things you have there in store for me life, you know where to find me! 


Muscles and violence? YES PLEASE! #ropecon #wrestling #suomi #finland



ja ja ja ja ja
a spanish person laughing or a german person during sex???

you decide

Finnish person struggling to remember what they were about to say next

June 2014: revision test!

Hello there! I know I’m late (assuming that somebody cares), my bad! 

Of course I could tell you that I’ve been too busy to update my blog, but this girl is really bad at lying so, no excuses: I’ve been too busy being lazy! 

However, I’m still here posting the monthly recap of my life despite the laziness. So are you ready? Three, two, one…

First of all, it was time to deal with a bunch of bureaucratic things, which is an alternative way to say that I’ve been queuing endlessly almost everywhere. As I told my boyfriend some time ago: “If anybody asks me what do I like to do in my spare time, the answer will be: queuing”.
In any case it’s over now, and I can pat myself on the shoulder adding that I’m really pleased with Finnish administration!

What else then… Well, it’s summer in Finland! We had picnics and barbecues, thumbs up!

My lovely one had also a birthday, and it always makes me feel good taking care of this kind of things! You know: buying presents, baking, cooking, and being all like “happy birthday my sweety lovely sugary biri bu” *cough cough* yes, that’s me…

Moreover, we had a Skype call with my family in Italy (we will fly there in August, just saying) and it was incredibly funny to hear my boy and mum try to communicate without sharing a common language, since she doesn’t speak English (just some really basic stuff), and of course he doesn’t speak any Italian yet!

We’ve started to bring some furniture and personal stuff to the new flat. Nonetheless, the place is not ready to live in yet, it will take still one month more or less, and I’m so looking forward to move there!

Last but not least, there’s this Irish pub in Helsinki where I’ve been wanting to go for more than one year, and finally I had a beer in there! Yes it’s a small thing, but really appreciated!

Lastly, what can I say about my monthly lessons? 

Nothing new in all honesty, just a good and complete revision of what I’ve learned during the last six months, and it makes perfect sense if you think about it; we’re in the middle of the year after all!

So, the first half is gone and I couldn’t be any happier about it, time to let the second part begin and welcome July, show me your magic!


Finnish summer + good music = thank you life ♥ #alppipuisto #helsinki

Your electronic bitch says “hello there”, it’s summer in Finland! #electronicmusic #alppipuisto #rave #helsinki #finland #thatstrangethingcalledsun